As a first time mum, I was very anxious about leaving my little angel in the custody of strangers. The thought of him battling with withdrawal syndrome overwhelmed me, so I resolved to go to the supermarkets to scout for school fliers since a lot of schools drop their copies at the pay points of some supermarkets.

Having gotten a handful, I began shopping around for schools.

Honestly, I was highly disappointed when I could not relate or match the painted environments on the posters with the reality on ground hence I resolved to hire a nanny to care for my son at home.

Fortunately, someone recommended Kerridale Preparatory School to me. So I decided to give it a trial visit. The moment I stepped my feet into the premises, my hope was rekindled. In fact my son ran into the ‘child-friendly’ classroom (Early Bloomers class) on the day of enquiry and refused to come out (that was how he resumed school). From that moment, I knew my search for school had come to an end.

Kerridale is a home away from home. The staff members are so caring, professional and dedicated to their duties. They ensure the safety of the children under their custody as though they were caring for theirs.

To crown it all, the school has an amazing way of implementing the curriculum. The icing on the cake is that the extra-curriculum activity is the “VALUE BASED ACTIVITIES”.

Each month a new VALUE is introduced, and our children work very hard to exhibit each value taught.

Kerridale addresses the educational need of each individual child in a unique way. Our son has spent a total of seven academic years in Kerridale, while my daughter has spent two academic years.

We are grateful to be part of this great institution.

Mrs. Rufus, Year 3 & Early Bloomers

As parents, we are always eager to take the best decisions and do the right things for our children. The choice of school is one of such decisions. How do you predict the growth of your child’s mind, fluctuating interests, myriad influences and hope to find an environment that not only accommodates but nurtures it all?

Enrolling our daughter in Kerridale Preparatory School (KPS) where she is being nurtured academically, morally, socially and spiritually has been the best decision we have ever made for her. The academics have been exceptional but even better is the character development and value system program.

The teachers are loving, supportive and fully accessible. The parent-teacher seamless interaction at KPS is unique and it is a good attraction. We frequently engage the teachers with all kinds of questions and feedback, and they have always taken the time out to address our concerns beyond our expectations.

We feel our decision to move to KPS has been well founded, seeing Kamsi’s increasing desire to go to school – eagerly looking forward each morning to a happy and stable environment where both her strengths and developmental needs are managed with equal care. As a result, she has progressed both academically and socially.  – her vocabulary, numeracy, IT skills, etc. have increased dramatically. Our daughter has become more confident and more free-spirited than ever today.

Ms Kerry, you’ve set a high standard; you’ve raised the bar. We have the highest regard for Kerridale Preparatory School.

Mr. and Mrs. Odumodu, Parents of Kamsiyonna (Year 2)

As a parent, I always worried about my children getting the right education. Finding Kerridale has allayed all of those worries. As a school, Kerridale combines academic excellence with social development using a perfectly balanced curriculum that employs methods and resources that allow the child enjoy learning.

Both of my children have not only developed a love for academics but are also very good at it. In addition to this, they have developed very sound social skills and are very conscious of their values – my nine-year-old daughter can independently research and create an impressive power point presentation and confidently deliver it.

Kerridale promotes academic superiority without stripping the child of proper social values. I am particularly impressed at the crop of teachers as they display great passion while delivering excellent teaching.

The numeracy and literacy programs are remarkable as they impart knowledge that allow my children compete perfectly in today’s world – so yes, my children are developing all these skills at Kerridale and are able to measure up to, and even surpass their peers academically. It’s truly value based education.

Mrs. Agbamu (June 2020), Year 4 & Reception

KPS has emerged from humble beginnings to set  a standard in primary education that would stand the test of time……I have watched my  boy grow from a little boy to a “Learned young man” in KPS, Thanks to the vision of the school and the teachers who are very passionate to about work.

Mr. Jideofor (June 2020), Year 6 & Year 4

When I was school scouting for my first child. I painstakingly checked out a lot of schools and had interactions with members of staff. I wanted a school focused on quality education and ambition to meet international standards without compromising discipline and African values. Kerridale Preparatory School met every point on my list.

Six years down the line I have no regrets. Some of the beautiful things that has kept me stuck with Kerridale is the quality and sincerity of staff in the school and the fact there is constant improvement in their programs. KPS keep up the good work!

Mrs. Lawson-Jack (June 2020), Year 2 & Reception

Kerridale is the best school for my kids. KPS has innovative and caring teachers which is important to us and they offer outstanding standards of education across a broad range of subjects. I am proud of their confident natures, their enthusiasm for all things (they are always full of ideas) and their positive attitudes towards our values.

Mrs. Onasanwo, Year 1 & Nursery


Kerridale Preparatory School is a learning experience like no other. Over the years, Kerridale has given our children a broad educational stance while at the same time retaining a sense of community and family. The team of dedicated staff at every level enshrine key values like Honesty, Respect, Courage, Integrity preparing them to be exemplary members of society.

I have no doubt that my children will continue to excel and be the best version of themselves with the support of the wonderful team at Kerridale.

Iroloye & Cindy Bob-Manuel , Year 4, Year 1 & Reception