This page has been specially designed for our parents; providing them with further information to help them help their children succeed in Kerridale, and further grow up to be life-long learners.

School Newsletter
Newsletters are sent out via mail to all parents giving them an insight into ‘life at KPS’ – It’s packed with interesting news from the school!

Coffee Morning Gist
Coffee morning gist is a termly parent-school meeting held to update parents on changes, successes, challenges, etc. going on in the school community. It is also a forum for parents to express their views.

Open Days
Open Days are organized yearly for parents to come in and discuss with their child’s teacher on the progress of their child. This is a good opportunity to see the totality of your child’s work, how they are doing and plans that have been put in place to support and help them succeed.

Parent Workshop
Parent workshop is organized when the need arises to train and support parents; giving them insights and tips into supporting their children in areas such as; homework, early reading, an understanding of the curriculum and resources used in the school.

Monthly Progress Report & Termly Report
Key Stage pupils get Monthly Progress Report sent home to their parents at the end of every month, giving them an overview of how their children are doing, and if there is need for extra support, a plan is put in place to provide the necessary support.
Termly report is sent to all parents at the end of each term, again providing parents with assessment results and progress of their children.

School Supplies
All Key Stage pupils are expected to bring in some personal school supplies; a list is provided yearly at the end of the session (Term 3).
It is advisable to buy all the stated resources and properly label them well before the new session commences.
A copy of your child’s resources can be downloaded by clicking Year Resources

KPS School App
KPS School software used in communicating with our parents, pushing files and other private information about individual families. Please click on the link below to download it from your App store.