KPS believes good education is for all and not just the upper echelons of Nigerian society; hence our vision is 3-fold:


To be an International School of First Choice in Rivers State of Nigeria.


To provide genuine international education without the associated high fees to a wide range of families who ordinarily would not be able to afford it.


To raise children with Local, National and Global awareness while still being proud of the country Nigeria, thereby acting as true ambassadors outside the country.

In Order to fulfill our Mission & Vision:

  • We provide a safe, stimulating, loving and enabling environment where children feel safe, happy, cared for and ready to learn.
  • We ensure our curriculum has an international outlook, is rigorous in content, contemporary in delivery and focused on transferable knowledge, skills and understanding.
  • We ensure that 50% of learning is driven by an activity, such as putting together a simple puzzle on farm animals to working as a team on a collage to recreate The Great Fire of London or The Aba women’s Riot of 1920.
  • We understand that every child is unique, constantly learning and can be resilient, capable, confident and self-assured.
  • We create a healthy environment where children learn to be strong and independent through positive relationships.
  • We create an environment where children, staff and parents work together to gain the full benefit of learning.
  • We create an environment where children are excited about learning.
  • We create an environment where children can develop thinking and creativity skills.
  • We create an environment where children develop life-long learning skills.
  • We work together to achieve high levels of achievement for all in a positive and exciting environment.