Leadership in Schools

school leadership

Many may think leadership in schools is the same as leadership in any other sector, but it is not the same. This is because  leadership affects the future of upcoming generations. Therefore poorly managed leadership invariably affects learning and development of children, and the future of the country!

Leadership in schools must be planned and exhibited in all facet of school life. This includes Learning & Development of Pupils, Teacher’s Continuous Professional Development, Management, Protocols, Procedures and Processes, etc.

Leadership is schools are modelled through the Senior Leadership Teams (SLT) own leadership practices - Leading through deliberately distributing leadership; Leading through using tools and techniques to drive the school in the right direction. All being said and done, learning and development outcomes must be possibly affected! Everyone in the school must be learning and growing.

All facet of school life must be handled properly.  This will enhance the growth of pupils, teachers and the general school community.

Failure to deliberately and strategically develop leaders in and out of the classroom could be catastrophic! Apart from civil or biological war in a country, what could be worse than raising unprepared future leaders!

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