The wearing of school uniform is firmly established at KPS. Our uniform serves a number of purposes; it gives us a sense of belonging to the KPS community, identity and pride. It is therefore compulsory for all uniform-wearing pupils to attend school dressed in the appropriate uniform on the stipulated days.
KPS does not allow any other form of clothing; hence uniforms are stocked and can be purchased from the school shop.

  • Uniform consists of:
  • • Red Check Dress
  • • Red Polo Top
  • • Grey Shorts
  • • Red Cardigan
  • • Gray Pinafore Dress
  • • White Short Sleeve Blouse
  • • White Short Sleeve Boys Shirt
• School Sport’s Wear

In addition, children should wear sensible safe shoes; children shoes / Trainers should have Velcro fastening instead of laces (as shown), laces distracts them with the endless loosening and re-doing!



  • Periodically, uniform checks would be carried out at the gate, pupils not properly dressed, i.e. not wearing the correct uniform would be sent home.


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