At KPS the health, safety and security of all our families, staff and stakeholders is paramount; hence it is not surprising we are located in a serene gated community. 
Policies, Procedures and Processes are in place to ensure our community is a safe place to learn, play and grow. Our academic staff have been trained in First Aid. 

We are happy to give medication to children, but the following rules must be adhered to:
• KPS Medication Slip must be completed.
• Child is finishing off a prescribed medication.
• Medication must be in its original container (bottle)
• Morning medications would not be giving (Parents must give this before sending child to school).

Sick children would not be allowed into the school premises. A child that takes ill at school will be cared for, and parents would be informed, we expect you should be in school within 45minutes of getting a phone to pick up the sick child.
In case of an emergency, KPS is registered at Prime Medical Hospital, all emergencies would be taken there and parents would be contacted.

Parking & Vehicular Movement Around KPS
As we do not have facilities large enough for cars to drive in, we advise all drop off and pick up should be done in a careful and safe manner. 
If you intend coming into the school premises, please park properly without obstructing any of our neighbours gate or thoroughfare, ensuring your car is switched off.

In the morning ensure children have been safely handed over to a staff before driving off.
Parent must escort children into school if they arrive late and the gates are shut.

During pickup time is the afternoon, the school gates will be open at 2:00pm when school closes. Ensure children do not leave the school without you escorting them. 
Please hold their hands outside the gate.
Because we are on a small street, we would like to appeal to all parents drop off/pickup and move on, refrain from chatting in front of the school, which affects the flow of traffic.

General Security At KPS
At the start of each academic year, every child is issued a pair of pickup cards.
These cards should be presented during pickup else children will not be released. 
It is the responsibility of the parents to ensure these cards do not fall into the wrong hands, 
therefore parents should inform the school if cards are misplaced or if they change their regular pickup person.

In addition, KPS has installed a state of the art Closed Circuit Television (CCTV) System with 24 hours recoding capability of all activities in all learning and playing spaces.  


  • KPS has  a state of the art Closed Circuit Television (CCTV) System with recoding & reply capabilities of all activities in all learning and playing spaces. 


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