Below is Kerridale Prep School’s fee policy, please get acquainted and abide with it to avoid penalty charges.

  • • All fees are non-refundable.
  • • Fees will be reviewed every 2 years.
  • • Tuition fees should be paid before commencement of the new term and payment evidence brought to school or mailed to Schooladmin@kerridaleprepschool.com for a receipt.
  • • Pupils whose fees are not paid after two weeks of resumption would be sent home on the 3rd Monday after resumption.
  • • School fees not paid after one calendar month of resumption would incur a 20% penalty charge for late payment.
  • • All Fees must be paid in full; we do not accept part payment.
  • • All pupils are required to pay a yearly Learning Resource fee (not part of the school fees); these monies go towards buying pupils' books for the next academic year. 
  • • All learning resource fees are collected from 1st March – 31st of May yearly, given parents a 3 months window to pay their children’s learning pupil's fees.
  • • A 20% penalty would be charged for late Learning Resource Fees after the 31st of May yearly.

Mid Year Enrolment:
At KPS the academic year starts in September, however sometimes we have mid-year enrolments, because of situations like transfers and relocations.


    • • 1-month’s notice is needed by the school to prepare the necessary transfer documents. 
    • • Fees will not be refunded for any incomplete part of a term. 
    • • Children leaving temporarily during the school year will not necessarily be guaranteed a place at the school on their return unless the fees are paid for the period of absence.
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