At Kerridale Prep School we recognise the importance of high levels of attendance to ensure our children have the opportunity to achieve their true potential. We aim to work effectively with parents/guardians to promote good attendance.

The responsibility for ensuring that children attend school regularly and punctually rests with parents. This fact must be emphasised and acknowledged.

Attendance Register is a vital tool in enabling us assess poor attendance and absence patterns. There is a strong statistical link between attendance and achievement; therefore, the school will not support a child who is perpetually late or absent from school without good reason.

No holidays will be authorised by the school in term time.
Parents are also responsible for ensuring the school has up-to-date contact details.


  • Kerridale Prep School has the right to ask a parent to withdraw if after much consultation on improving attendance and punctuality is fruitless; as such there will be no refund on already paid fees.



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