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KPS is a growing school made up of families from all works of life who are passionate about their children’s learning and development. We are located in a quiet gated residential area in the Artillery area of Port Harcourt City; A 5 minutes' drive from SHELL & Total Residential Areas & 3 minutes' drive from Schlumberger Residential Area. <Google Map of our location>  

New School Facilities
In 2014, two buildings were added to the original facility. One of the buildings accommodates the Key Stage 1 & 2 children’s learning area, a library, ICT room, music and Science labs. The second building is an Art Shack used for all art and craft activities, which has easy access to the school’s outdoor space and running water, thereby allowing our learning to be taken outdoors!
In addition to the new buildings, the outdoor play area has been extensively remodelled to enhance the safety and quality of our outdoor learning, play and general well-being. It has a separate play area for the early years' children and a separate one for the primary children, an aquarium, a football field and a quiet area for staff.

Because children are naturally inquisitive and ask lots of questions we encourage and guide them in answering these questions. This innocence of the children is gradually building a transparent culture in our school community that encourages staff to ask questions, challenge the norm and find better ways of doing things!
Just like the analogy of the goose flying in ‘V’-formation so they all make the journey home, our teachers are supported and helped through trainings, workshop, mentoring and coaching to succeed in their classes and in the school as a whole – Collaboration is one of our strongest core values at KPS.

Again welcome to our space, if you would like some more information, or would like to visit our school, please feel free to Contact Us.






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